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As part of a general purge, I'm getting rid of a few bikes that I don't need - this is a 1986 Peugeot Triathlon. Other than the bar tape and chain, it appears to be all original. The rims (Rigida Score) might or might not be original, as they appear period but are not what is listed on the catalog data sheet.
Size is 60sm, measured C-C, with a 58cm top tube. Frame is Super Vitus tubing, lugged, and made in France. Normandy hubs with a 6-speed Helicomatic freewheel and Sachs-Huret New Success drivetrain with a Stronglight crank. Gearing is 52-42 in front and something like 12-23 in back.
Overall the bike is in excellent condition, but shows the typical wear you'd expect out of a 28-year-old bike. The frame is straight, and the paint and decals are in very good condition. Tires hold air and are rideable, but are pretty dry-rotted and should be replaced - I was going to replace them myself but decided the buyer might prefer to choose their own tires. The existing tires are 23mm Michelins; this will probably just fit 28s, but not anything bigger (the tightest clearance is at the chainstays). It's a race bike (apparently what passed for a tri bike in the 80s) so no eyelets.
I bought this in about 2005 from the original owner, and rode it a little bit for a couple of years but didn't like the fit and got something else. I eventually grew into this kind of fit, but have another bike that fits this purpose. Until a couple of years ago, I kept it around for a friend to use in the summer when he was in the city, but since then it's largely just sat. I recently replaced the brake cables and housing and had my LBS (Boulevard) retension the rear wheel. Other than the tires, it's ready to ride anywhere. I have the white vinyl bottle-cage pouch that came with it new, and might have the spare Helicomatic freewheel that came with it.
More pictures, and catalog scans with data sheet, here:

Asking $300.

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Sorry, meant to include the photo in the body of the message.

I sent you a friend request so we can e-mail about this.


Accepted - I sent you a message.



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