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I am doing some 'fall cleaning' and found that I have a bunch of motley tires and tubes that I'm never going to need/use/fix.   They are available free, as-is, where-is, to anyone who can show me that they are a good cycling-citizen, by which I mean ATA membership...or something. (Anything, really)

There are five tires, unmatched singles, all 27" but for one 700 I think.  The 700 is a Bridgestone 700x25, older tire but looks good.  27s are a Kenda, an older IRC, a Continental Ultra Sport with little wear, and a recent Panaracer Pasela Tourguard.  The latter would be the best of the bunch, but it actually came from one of our bikes and has a sidewall bulge.  Maybe you can work around that.

There are about six tubes, all 700/27", various thicknesses, mixed Presta and Shrader.  *Most tubes need a patch, and the holes are marked.*  One Presta I know has been patched and seems fine.   One Shrader is okay but there's a cut on the stem that is not leaking but could, someday.

Please only reply if you are interested in the whole bunch.

I also have a set of 27" wheels with Pasela Tourguards, very nice wheels with Miche Hubs (Campy Record copies) and Super Champion rims, but the rear needs some spoke replacements and the whole set needs an overhaul.   I was planning on fixing them and keeping them for backup, but feel free to make me an offer.

Message me if you're interested! Thanks!

BTW I am located near the Francisco Brown Line stop, W of Lincoln Square.  I would love for these things to be GONE TODAY.

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Hey, I messaged/ friend requested you.


BTW please note the wheelset I'm describing needs work but is NOT FREE, only the tires and tubes are free.  I'll take the tires/tubes to Working Bikes at some point, or maybe Westtown, but I'd rather they be gone soon.



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