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I have a 48cm mixte frame I got to rebuild as a single speed for my wife but never got around to it.  I don't want to throw it away, does anybody here have use for it?  Let me know.  

Text (77three) 3 six six - five 5 one 5  I'm in Bucktown and if nobody picks it up by friday it will go to the alley. 

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My wife doesn't bike much, so I've held off on buying her a new bike. I can use this as a project frame to learn to wrench on. I can take it off your hands. However, I would be happy to defer to anyone else who would get more use out of it.

If you don't find a home for it, why not donate it to Working Bikes? Or Ciclo Urbano?

I would LOVE this frame for my wife if its still available.

Apie - I don't think I could make it there tonight and I'll be going out of town for a week tomorrow. I haven't contacted him. Don't let me hold you back from doing so, count me out.

Apie said:

I would LOVE this frame for my wife if its still available.

I'll have my bike tomorrow, I can swing by around 5pm. 

I didnt ride in.  I forgot it's my anniversary so I can't pick up this eve.



Sorry Alpie, someone else claimed it already via text.  If it doesn't work out I'll let you know.



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