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I stole the one with the kitties on it but the rest are here at Rapid and ready to keep you warm.

We have a pile at Roscoe Village Bikes and they are ready for you! Come getem!

Yea we stole a couple as well :)

Thanks Willow!! I took 2 from Roscoe Village Bikes tonight after work! Couldn't decide between the kitties or the pink leopard print so I took both.

aww man would've been perfect for today.  

Have you tried Irv's Bike Shop (18th & Racine) or Carmen's Bike Shop (on Archer, west of Cicero, near the McD's) ?

Just a thought.

Great stuff :)


Have you looked into  It might be a way for some of us who don't see you regularly but who do appreciate what you do to chip in a bit.

Also, might be helpful...

Of course you will let us know if you do set up a site!

And will you be at the Winter Bike to Work Rally?  Maybe you can collect a few bucks there.



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