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Thought it'd be easiest to begin a new thread showing photos of the bikes as I get them finished.

First bike is a Trek Madone that had the Discovery Channel paint on it. Neither the owner nor myself thought much of the way it looked. I heard him mention he was 'considering painting it red', so I went with that, but did it in a Candy Apple red color. Basically a gold basecoat color, with a deep, transparent red mid-coat color (so you can see through it, down to the basecoat), and then clearcoat on top of it all. Looks so much better in person, and in bright sunlight. I also added in 'ghosted' Chester Cycles logos; I used a different-sized metallic flake for the logo, so it shows up as you tilt the frame, or see it at different angles.

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Very Nice.

Galaga downtube FTW!  The metalflake works really well - it really does recall the twinkling background of the game.  Impressive.

The game room one is a great idea, and really well done! I would be proud to ride that thing around town. 


That game room paint job is amazing.

That Trek is fantastic!

I cannot wait to see my Peugot in person; I am so in love with the paint job on it already.

Now I just have to figure out the parts to put on it...

I love, love the Trek Ion CX!! Beautiful Work on all! 

I was thinking of repainting a frame as a winter project.  *throws out spraycans in self disgust*

Love the boomerang patterns.  Raymond Lowey would be proud.


Those are amazing!



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