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From the Boom Era - '72 Jeunet. Flamboyant blue/purple. 21" c-t frame. Simplex dropouts, 531 tubes.

This is a real stunner. Just a few chips and scratches. Wants to polish up more and more. And the color looks different from different angles and lighting.

I got this a while back and cleaned it all up. Haven't put new cables on yet. And really just want to get it to someone that will ride it and enjoy it. And finish it off the way they want it.

Its a very tight frame for the time period. 21" c-t seat tube, 21" c-c top tube. 16 1/2" chainstay, just over 39" wheelbase.
Nice chrome and world champ color bands. Foil decals are in great shape. As was the norm in this time frame the attention to detail is sort of lacks. The paint finish of the seat stay caps is crude compared to todays standards. The pinstriping is sort of chunky, but the overall appearance is purdy cool. 

Simplex Criterium derailleurs
Weinmann 500 Black brake calipers, QR levers, CaneCreek hoods
Pivo bar and stem
Brooks Pro, cracking a bit - Steel seatpin.
not seen to often TA Criterium crank with the covered pedal holes, nice dust caps.
Lyotard Pedals.

Campy Tipo hubs, Weinmann 700c rims, Pasela 32mm tires. Rims are flat spotted unfortunately, but rideable. Rebuilding with the Tipo hubs would be the way to go.

Asking a reasonable $350 Text Paul @ 847-651-nine8one8

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oooh, I had one of these a couple years back. I loved the way my Jeunet rode, and haven't had another that's quite as sweet. This is a great example with a very legit build.

Damn, missed this by a week. Again.

Hey Kevin, nice bike.

This one is the Reynolds 531 tubing version. This would compare to a Peugeot PX-10 or Gitane TourdeFrance of the day.

I think whats really unusual on this bike is the tight clearance/ racing geometry of this bike. Also that TA crank is not found on bikes to often. Its the Criterium model. Most TA cranks you see are of the Cyclo-Touring variety. And of course the paint. French bikes of the period were painted with what was referred to as flamboyant paint. They used a translucent lacquer over a colored basecoat to create some really amazing paint jobs. This one kicks butt and the paint is like showroom fresh.

Front brake clearance with Pasela 32mm tire.

Crank arm has blocked pedal hole. And the Reynolds 531 tubing sticker in French.

J.A.W. said:

Damn, missed this by a week. Again.
What do you mean you missed it? Heck, I have a little leeway in price.
Or you have something to trade? 

I just bought a bike last week Thursday.

This one would've been sweet, though.


This bike still available?

drool worthy

Sold the Jeunet last fall.

Dawes Galaxy anyone?????



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