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Anyone interested in a real classic. I bought this bike from the original owner last spring. Overhauled it. All the bearings regreased, wheels trued, new brake pads and Pasela tires. Rode it maybe 1,000 miles last summer. All the bugs are worked out. This thing is a joy to ride. I also swapped out the cranks to a vintage Nervar crank with Stronglight chainrings. Added a vintage Huret Multito odometer to the front wheel. 

Frame is 59cm or Raleigh called it 23 1/2"

Brooks B-17N saddle.

Condition is fantastic for a 40 year old bike. This model year Raleigh used fancy Capella lugs and of course 531 tubing for the main triangle. Its a real collectors item and very road worthy.

Asking $275 or offer

Paul @ 847-651-9818 call or text.

check attachment photo

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Frame size?

Added frame size. Its 59cm, Raleigh sold it as a 23 1/2"

What's the area code for your phone number?

Oops again.
Phone number is 847-651-9818.
Thanks for catching that.

I'm assuming this bike sold. Can you confirm that?



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