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What's your current favorite free route map?  Not google maps, etc.  I need something that I can create the route and then print it.

I'm paying $5.99/month for map my ride and would prefer something free.  Thanks!

** If there is another similar discussion, let me know and I'll close this and reply to that one.  Discussions I found in the past geared toward route suggestions, not route creations. 

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Curious why you say not Google Maps? I've found it to be a tremendously helpful tool.

I want something that will allow me to draw the route.  Google Maps as far as I know just gives suggestions. 

You can add additional destinations then re-arrange them.

As Yasmeen says below, you can use the mouse to drag Google's "suggested" routes to match your needs. Not sure if you can do it on a smartphone though.

Google Maps used to have a useful function that allowed for drawing routes very easily. That went away a while ago.

What do you mean?

They used to have a very user friendly map drawing function. I've tried to do this a few times in recent years - not possible to easily draw out a route as in the past. I've given up trying to use it for that purpose.

Oh, interesting. I don't remember ever being able to draw a map as opposed to "moving"  the suggested route. Sounds like a great feature!

It was awesome.

I agree with you Alex. I use it to map out the turn-by-turns for rides I need to put together a route for. You can add multiple destinations and drag the route with your mouse.

Hi Julie,

Look into this :

It's free and pretty good.



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