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I'm a sucker for fall. Cool, crisp air combined with beautiful leaves is a welcome change from hot days in summer. How do you feel about it? What do you look forward to in Fall? Or if it's not a favorite... ?

Here's an autumn gear guide and some basic 101 tips for riding in Fall.

One last note... it's getting darker so definitely time to have your lights charged and ready to go for the ride home. I had a close call last night riding down a hill in the dark (rain) when I hit a bump. Not good.

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More love than hate here. Beautiful golden light and not sweating - love! Cold rainy days and extra slick surfaces created by fallen leaves - hate!

More darkness really makes me appreciate the hub dynamo lights on my city bike - great for extra visibility and seeing the road surface better.

Awesome how the crowds on the LFT have subsided - and yes, not hot at all. Love it all!

That's definitely something to love.

The best, other than it getting dark before work ends. Or it will in a week or so.

Fall riding is the best. Perfect temperature!

Well, dark days and dropping temperatures are enough to test even the hardiest of cyclists, but that is absolutely lovely. Fall weather riding makes me calm and peaceful.

It's just important to know that right combination of high-quality lights and warm clothes are really useful in this case

Looking at Fall view really brought back some great memories, that's why it's my favorite.


Spring and Fall are cool enough that the exercise doesn't get you sweaty.

I was out yesterday and it's kind of clammy out there. Warm enough to sweat a little, cold enough to feel it and damp enough that it won't go away.

Just in case your fall weather riding extends into winter weather riding

Goodness, it is dark out there. Like, a darker sort of dark. Shorter twilight, streetlights more likely to be out on entire blocks, that sort of thing.

For the last few months, I've been encountered more full-block or multi-block street light outages than in an average year. 

Special fun - finding one of these in an area where pavement is like craters of the moon. Makes me grateful for a good headlight.

Ever since Chicago started putting in LED street lights in with the downward aiming function there has been a lot more dark zones for cycling on city streets especially in areas where tree foliage blocks the light. I miss the orange glow lights.


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