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Elizabeth Brackett, 76, Award-Winning Journalist and Triathlete Has Died from Her Injuries in a Cycling Crash - Was She Assaulted on the LFT?

Updated 6-20-18

The Medical Examiner has ruled the death as an accident. Elizabeth's Garmin activity device revealed that she was without oxygen for over nine minutes after the crash when she fractured her vertebrae and her heart stopped.The M.E. ruled the cause of death due to cervical spine injuries.

"Elizabeth Brackett, Award-Winning Journalist and Triathlete, Dies at 76"

Update from the Chicago Sun-Times 6-15-18

Update from the Chicago Tribune 6:45pm, 6-14-18.

"Doctors initially believed Elizabeth had broken two vertebrae but said Thursday afternoon that her vertebrae had realigned and that it appeared that the 76-year-old will not require surgery."


6-13-18, 7:05pm

From WTTW Chicago Tonight, Ch.11

Elizabeth Brackett, journalist and Chainlink member was seriously injured in a cycling crash on Wednesday 6-13-18.

Apparently, Elizabeth was doing a training ride along the LFP and crashed.

She was found unconscious near 39th and South Lake Shore Driive at about 8:30am Wednesday morning. 

She is currently in a coma after fracturing a few vertebrae in her neck.

Best wishes for a full recovery. 

Elizabeth is a world class triathlete.

Unanswered questions others have raised:

- was she assaulted on the LFT?

- was the bike she was training on recovered? 

7-10-18 from r/chibike

Perpetual Cyclist 1991 posted:

A few days after Elizabeth Brackett was found on the LFP near 39th, a friend contacted me to inform me that he had been knocked off his bike just south of 47th street on the LFP by 7-8 "urban youths." The responding police seemed largely uninterested in the circumstances or in the possible similarities to Brackett's "incident." I'm very sorry about OP's assault and glad it wasn't worse. This game is apparently a "thing." Be careful.

Things have been happening on the LFT. Click on link below.

. . . bye . . . 

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I hope she emerges from that coma soon and intact.

We have lost an outstanding journalist, triathlete, and member of our community. Rest in Peace Elizabeth!  . . .

I've always had so much respect for her - as a smart, ethical journalist and as an amazing senior athlete.

My sympathy to the family and friends of Elizabeth Brackett. 

A world class human being all the way around. R.I.P., Elizabeth.

Rest in peace. 

So very sad.  What a remarkable person!


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