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Do you need a nice old bike? I need a few dollars and room in my garage.

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I can only ride one at a time and I know I've gotten carried away. I live in Beverly and am really only interested in this while I cleaning my garage. I do want to help my poor cash flow but am a reasonable guy. Call if your interested. 773-216-7575. Thanks, Ken

The garage is clean and I'm out of the dog house now. I have less of an urgent worry about too many bikes. If you were interested you can still contact me but for now I'm not being kicked out of the house! Thanks, Ken

how much for the black raliegh and what is the size?

Was the doddering husband who gets carried away and fills all available storage space in the house and garage with bicycles ever given the 60s/70s sit-com treatment? 

I think you're onto something. Life is a sitcom. I heard Bill Cosby on the radio the other day. He made me see the fact that (since the kids are gone or mostly gone)-- I'm now my wives "oldest child".  Blew my mind--and gives me an excuse for all the bikes and minor trouble I get into.



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