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This guy, in the center:

He crossed a major line when he spit directly in the face of a pedestrian (at very close range) who was crossing North Ave. The ped was furious, and rightly so, and started to chase the bike-riding idiot, causing an even more dangerous situation. I apologized as best I could for this bullying, non-Critical Mass behavior, but if you know him or his friends, he needs to be outed, to learn MUCH better manners, to realize that what he did tonight was a HUGE no, and to know that he just created yet another pocket  (composed of the victim, his family, friends, colleagues) of vehement anti-bike mentality in Chicago. Thanks.

Also, I mean - how horrible can you be? You just ruined someone's day, or worse. You have no idea what they are going through or capable of. You should be ashamed. It was *not* at all cool (yes, I heard you bragging your friends about it) and I don't think you belong on the street. Get a grip. Grow up. And find a way to make amends, because that was unbelievably bad form.

The next gun might be pulled on you. Or it might be pulled on someone else because of what you did tonight.

Shame on you.

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Dude, I don't understand what you are trying to say at all.

A large portion of people in CCM, especially in the summer, are there for the sole purpose of being jerks and there is nothing that can be done about it.

You can call this guy out but how can you keep him from coming?

And even if you could he will just be replaced by another jerk.

I hear all that, and you're right, but I can't help but hope for better behaved two-wheelers. I even hope he does come back but gets the message and checks himself.
Michael, I did. I shouted right after I tried to placate the irate guy he spat on, but he rode away so fast, I lost him. One time later when I saw him he was boasting about it to friends, and I tried to catch up to tell all of them it wasn't cool, but the ride swept them away. I looked for them at a two subsequent stopping points but could not see them at all. He's been found, and I hope he read this and other comments elsewhere. I hope he rides next month so can meet him - I would say this to him in person if I knew him.

You might have been able to locate him and plow through the mass (huge group, this photo is cropped) to get to him and talk to him after the incident, but I was not. I know you would also have wanted to.

This guy was with in a group that came together. One of them was sitting on the hood of a woman's car as I passed by after defusing another situation. Then I rolled upon the gun incident.



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