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Divvy has been operating for over two years in Chicago. There are a good number of employees here have been here since the beginning. We need a living wage to continue in our quest to maintain this system. High demands are made on most employees. Yet, many workers are still near their original starting wages. WE ARE IN CONTRACT NEGOTIATION AT THIS TIME & NEED YOUR HELP!! Some have been made full time with a meager benefit package. We are asking for YOU, DIVVY RIDERSHIP to see our FACEBOOK website & our MOVEON.ORG petition & put management on notice that being told we are doing a great job is just not enough. We need a livable wage! WE ARE BIKERS, OUT & PROUD!  Thanks everyone!  Divvy Workers.

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Here's the DC's systems failure to pay the wages and benefits specified in the DOT contract.  They run Divvy too.


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