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We were riding southbound and you ended up on the gravel runnng path on the left....
I'm having terrible guilt that even though I try to stay far to the right, but with the curve, and the guy in front of you who passed us....I have horrible guilt that we contributed to that tumble you took.

I sure was glad that you got up and saw you later. But I know you are sore tonight...worse tomorrow. sorry for any part I played in that...Ann

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I was riding northbound and this person ended up coming out of the gravel, into my lane, and crashed into my front wheel and right knee. He seemed okay, albeit very embarrassed and in pain. I think his bike was generally fine- and other than his front wheel being messed up and being cut up, he rode on.

Anyway, I'm still confused about how any of this happened. The man could have avoided hitting me by stopping and staying in the gravel, but he definitely panicked and lost his good sense. All he said when I asked if he was alright was "I made a bad move".

Are you okay??? 

Yes, that was him.  It was one of those weird things, just a series of weird events....I think he swung too wide to pass and went into the gravel running path about 20 feet in front of us.  I saw it coming...those are so hard to come out of. Once he was in there I knew it wasn't good, he was there a while before coming out and I think he forgot how quickly the opposite traffic can come towards you. 

Later when he rode by he did say thanks and "I should have stopped".  He is going to be sore.....

I'm fine and so is my bike (pretty sure). I stayed upright during it all: like you said, he was in the gravel for a long time so I saw it coming once I realized he wasn't going to stop. My right knee is sore, but that will go away soon.

I don't think anyone should feel guilty, really. In specific, if I'm understanding your described role in the crash, it doesn't sound like you had a part in it. We're all guilty of making risky passes and putting ourselves/others in bad situations. That's sort of the risk you take sometimes on the LFT. Hopefully there were lessons learned and anyone involved won't make similar mistakes.



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