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I've had this idea for a while that my next vacation would include Poland, and would have to have me in Warsaw on the last Friday.  Anyone here been?  Or first gen immigrant?

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Well, Poland has a lot of variety to it. I was there with my (Polish) girlfriend in September. Great place.

Sorry. I don't speak or read Polish.

Is there an English version ?






I lost track of this thread, sorry.

Would like to hear about it... see friend request.

David P. said:

Well, Poland has a lot of variety to it. I was there with my (Polish) girlfriend in September. Great place.

I spent a day in Cieszyn, Poland once. We parked our rental car in Český Těšín and walked across to Poland. I brought home a computer book (O'Reilly's _SSH_) written in Polish as a souvenir.

As a side note, while in Třinec, Czech Republic, I decided I would like to bring home a bicycle jersey. I went into a local bicycle shop and looked around. The proprietors and I were unable to come up with a common language, but they were quite pleasant. Unfortunately, all their jerseys sported English markings. Alas.


Krakow, in particular is great, lots of young people and good vibe. Fun bars. Had a great time there.

Thanks, guys. I definitely want to be in Warsaw for the Mass, although as I recall Krakow's broke 1,000 for the first time a few months before Chicago's did (I think you could call Krakow our "sister CM" in that regard.)  Other stops include the city my grandmother is from (Semiaticz) for maybe two days.

One flight option has an overnight layover in DC and then the better part of a day in Copenhagen, which I've only driven through on my way to Sweden.  Of course, based on past history, I'll probably be looking at this a year from now with the same questions...

I was in both Krakow and Warsaw visiting family this last summer but didn't get to ride in either city's mass. Warsaw is more modern that Krakow and seems to have more variety in its bike community. I saw a trendy looking fixie shop by the University in Warsaw but barely saw anyone riding a fixed gear in Krakow. Warsaw also just installed bike share stations everywhere this year and I saw lots of people riding those bikes around. 

Hope you have fun out there! 



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