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Cyclist hit by truck at Lincoln/Fullerton/Halsted (updated with correction)

I always hate these stories.  Please be safe out there.  Assume everyone is an idiot!!

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Majority if my near misses involve a driver passing me turning right in front of me or stopping half way thru blocking me.
Like the livery SUV driver told me "oh I see you" yeah I said
you just don't care or understand the consequences of your actions.

That's one of the most common types of crashes. I've had my share of near misses like that.

Absolutely.  Well put.

On a separate note, can we all refrain from using just the non-specific "today" or "yesterday" in our discussion titles, and instead include the date in the title as well?

Or maybe the site admins could add a "Posted on:" notation to the list of forum discussions, like it appears above after you open the discussion?


Also, I wish we, The CL, could appeal to the media outlet, DNA-info, to be more thorough and verifiable in the facts when incidents like this occur. They have now ran two bicycle crash stories recently that have thankfully not been cyclist fatalities. What's the rush, check out your stories and verify your facts DNA-info !

And I say again, I know all in this community hope for the full recovery of these two cyclists.

Note: CBSLOCAL was the only other media outlet to also report a fatality in the latest incident on 10/23/15.

Click on the picture to read the article.



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