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"Cyclist hurls rock through driver's window in west town road rage"

Some things don't add up about this story. The article doesn't explain the photo. There's no mention of the driver capturing a photo of the cyclist. So is it a stock photo?

Then the driver says "These guys that are on their bikes are taking up the road. I'm a biker myself. I ride in the city all the time. I'm sick and tired of these guys taking up the lanes when you're trying to get past them."

So his problem is bikes taking the lane? Not that this cyclist supposedly scraped his car or broke his window? Something else led up to this, just my gut feeling or bias.

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I saw this story and agree that it sounds like half of a story.


Sounds like something similar...

Last December, I was riding to Union Station - at the Dearborn/Harrison intersection, I was on the green part of the lane that's right next to the right turn lane. A guy in a Land Rover behind honked, then started yelling at me to move over so he could get through and make the turn... he started a tirade about how I was giving riders a bad name. I was already all the way to the left side of the bike lane, and he wouldn't stop. Called me names, etc. 

As the light turned green, I rode over to the proper bike lane on Dearborn and headed south to Congress... another red light and this guy was on the left turn lane next to me now. I turned and waved, he lowers his window again and called me an ___hole. 

"I'm a biker myself." Please.

Why is it that when some driver somewhere blathers on about "bikers" they feel the need to add, "oh, and i ride, too." as if that makes them holier-than-thou.

Well, i drive too, but so what?

And BTW, "bikers" ride Harleys. Cyclists ride bicycles.

Sounds a lot like "I'm not racist. I have a black friend!"

Exactly. Some of the worst offenders I've encountered in traffic lately have been people with bike racks on your cars.

Okay, so these folks don't feel safe riding on local roads so they drive to the lakefront or forest preserve trail, yet they endanger cyclists who are just trying to get where they're going. Those are the worst kind of hypocrite.

And BTW, "bikers" ride Harleys. Cyclists ride bicycles.

That always bugged me. When I describe it, I bike, I don't cycle. I'm a biker. Both groups can use it. Plus cyclist is too much of a mouthful.

So the cyclist bumped into a BMW, and the driver chased after him (I don't buy that they just happened to meet farther down the street).  If the cyclist scratched the BMW paint, that was not considerate.  When the driver chased after the cyclist, that was threatening.  Maybe he needed the rock strike to make him back off.

I hate to break the news to him, but that driver's precious car is going to accumulate scratches from a lot of things (shopping carts, other car doors, etc.).   Getting into an altercation with a stranger to get "justice" about a paint scratch is not smart.

"The ultimate driving machine" makes most of their drivers ultimate A$$h0L3z from my own personal experience in "sharing the road" with them.

That's also been my experience.



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