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Cyclist Hit Last Night 4-23-19 at Milwaukee/Chicago - Seeking Video/Witnesses

Sharing to get evidence to charge offending driver:

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Unbelievable.  I actually just don't know what to say.  The police in this town are horrible.

3 smart ways cyclists can handle drivers with road rage:

Jesus F*cking H Christ. What the f*ck do we have to do to get a thimble of respect from the police? 

This.  Will be an interesting ride tonight. . .

Why am I not surprised.  I was attacked 3 months ago by a motorist and the police showed up - gave them pictures of attacker and his car's plate, witness info, etc.  And they haven't done anything.  Filed for a copy of my police report and it had more redactions that the Mueller Report.  CPD is a joke, unless you're a motorist, white, wealthy, crony of the city/machine.  Those points are additive BTW

Have you presented this info to an attorney of your own choosing?

I'm in Glasgow today. I walked the riverfront. Seems to be excellent infrastructure for cyclists. 'Must be nice to be appreciated. 

Two words:  Civil Suit

You only need to prove guilt based on a preponderance of the evidence, rather than beyond a reasonable doubt as with criminal cases.   There's a phone book of attorneys who will take the case if you have some evidence here, rather than hoping to convince the police who would then in turn convince a prosecutor to pursue criminal charges to win the he-said/she-said .  You can recover damages, etc.   

I suggest the same for LJS as well.  


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