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I have never seen anyone doing this in Chicago - those Danes are hardcore!

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I have a good friend who did it through all three of her pregnancies. I wouldn't be surprised if she responds about it. I know a few others who have also ridden during their pregnancies.
I have a friend who also biked throughout her pregnancy. She loved it, although she said it was hard with the morning sickness at the beginning.
*puke* hahaha
Is there something we should know, Aaron?

Its not a tumor
too funny.

Aaron Bussey said:
*puke* hahaha
If i recall correctly, back in the mid-70's a racer named Peggy Maas (onetime Nat. champ,) rode herself to the hospital to deliver. (i'm not sure i have her first name right.) That must've been one hell of a ride!
A friend of mine who is a runner was told to stop running while she was pregnant and to start riding a bike instead.
so who is going to post the event for Aaron's baby shower/pub crawl bike ride?
My wife rode almost daily during her 3 pregnancies.
I also got my wife preggers while cycling.............oh wait, wrong thread.
Haha, I was JUST thinking about cycling while pregnant yesterday. Granted, being pregnant is a million years away for me; I was wondering if it was safe. I dreaded the thought of having to give up cycling should I ever be pregnant. Sooo, thanks for the impeccable timing with this thread and link!



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