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Hi, I've got a few crotch-related, yet serious, questions for you tough bikers out there. They are pretty old hat, but I didn't see any answers in the forum, and wanted to ask real people about these, very. real. problems. Everyone talks about winter layers, well, I find there are some situations where too many layers are painful.

I was wondering, how do you deal with layering up for winter without overheating and, um, chaffing, sensitive areas of the body? What's your base layer, over layer etc for not just riding, but a life where most if not all your transportation is by bike. Like, I don't really wanna hear "all I wear is three hundred dollar winter kits" or something, what do you do, SERIOUSLY, in terms of underwear etc for life on a bike in winter?

That being asked, I was out riding today and I had a horrible, pulsating pain in my right, um, "friend." Any tips on keeping the boys safe and sound, despite the build up of layers down there?

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Just like in the summer, the Chamois Butt Creams work for me. Following a long ride and after a shower I use Johnson & Johnson CORTAID, a Hydrocortisone anti itch cream. It works for me.  Safe Riding 

Give me a call and we can go for some rides to get your comfort level up. I did the same thing with my gal for a few years, I would be happy to help you get your feel on your bike. It is truly a pleasure to share cycling with other.  Christopher Wallace 773 490 0683

Rich Evans said:

Well said, Christopher.  Hope to be joining you once I get confident in traffic on my uss/swb. 
Christopher said:

Only One???? get a fleet of recumbents! There are sooo many flavors of them to choose from. I love my long touring one currently as my daily ride.

Rich Evans said:

OR get a recumbent :)

You may want to follow the federal government recommendations for those riding bicycles as part of their occupation. Note: many of the Chicago PD Bike Patrol use these.

Federal Recommendations

Federal Government Research on Bike Saddles  Make sure to watch videos at this link.

Where to purchase noseless saddles

 Chicago PD using Saddles  Great short video



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