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Hi, I'm planning a 7 day euro trip next week , I also plan on possibly purchasing a Brompton in either Paris or Amsterdam . I'll also be riding immediately after purchase whether it be 1 day or 4 days . So my question is : when I come back through customs will my bike be considered a used bike ?

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If you had paid cash and never asked, you might have got away with it.  But since you posted, the NSA has a copy of your plans.  Here is an interesting saga of a smuggler and the Movie Stars he caught up in his scheme. 

I guess that explains the black windowless van that's been parked across the street since last night ...hmmmmmmm.

You could always buy a used Brompton.  I understand that they hold up real well over time.

I thought of that too. I've checked the used market and there really isn't a buyers market (very limited choices). Also since they do good their value ,I might as well spend the extra few hundred and buy new . 

A friend of mine did that with a Dawes touring bike years ago and brought it back as used. Actually, you probably don't have to declare it. But i'd think that the airline's baggage fees might be high.

Ideally ,this would go as a carryon as I'm only going to have 1 other bag with me..

I'm a Brompton owner and have traveled within the US three times with my Brompton. The last flight, PDX to ORD, I had my Brompton packed in an Ikea Dimpa bag with some coroplast padding cut out for each side. I neglected to take out my hinge bolts last time and now I have new bolts.

I've never tried to fit it in carry-on, but I've heard its do-able. When I was checking the bag, the attendant asked what was in it, and I told her it didn't matter. She asked if it was sporting goods or something like that, but I just explained that it was my checked-bag. The difference was a free checked bag vs a $125 sporting goods bag. I've got the Ortleb Brompton bag, and that has been amazing for traveling. Just getting off the plane and putting the bag on, then riding off has made it easy.

If/When I take the Brompton traveling, I'll be purchasing a hardcase. The Dimpa bags are nice, but if you can't get free coroplast, you're spending $30 each time you travel because it doesn't survive well multiple times.

My suggestions:
It may be easier to get the Brompton Ortlieb bag before you travel, so you can just clip it on the bike when you pick it up.
Don't forget to take out your hinge bolts.
If you're going to travel with the brompton, buy a case.
Enjoy the ride.

"if you can't get free coroplast, you're spending $30 each time you travel because it doesn't survive well multiple times."

Is that based on your experience?  Reason I ask is that I've read of several people who have made coroplast liners to use in their dimpa bags, for the purpose of reusing them.  I don't remember them saying anything about needing to replace them periodically.  But I've never tried it (was thinking about it).



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