The Chainlink Chicago bike cops could do a good example. But no. @streetsblogchi @nbcchicago @Chicago_Police - I see this a lot. Just run a STOP, making drivers thing we don't respect the rules.

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So did you only stop because you knew they were there?

I always stop at stop signs. Ask people in The Chain Link. I always do stop. 

He does, he always does, always. 

And ask the people at r/chibike.

Always . . .

Thank you! And now for some entertainment. It is reddit, so anything goes and I don't hold back.

I just wish they would write tickets for people parking in bike lanes. And cite drivers who door cyclists. Instead of doing zero pro cyclist enforcement.

They run them in their squad cars, why wouldn't they run them on their bicycles?

Ernesto, fix that squeak on your bike!

Nah - once my other bike is ready to roll, this one will go back to the scary basement. 


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