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Looking for anyone that commutes from the Riverside/Brookfield area to the Loop.

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Ogden to Chicago Ave.

Along the Burlington to Ridgeland to 26th to Cermak to Ogden.

Along the Burlington to Ridgeland to 26th to Blue Island to Cermak.

I like 26th, too, into town and to California, up to 24th, zig-zag through Pilsen to Blue Island, through the UIC campus to Harrison. Ogden and Cermak are both too heavy for me on a daily basis, especially if you’re riding during rush hour. 26th is busy but wide enough for me (and not wide enough for two car lanes)... Good luck!

Ah, sorry: i ride that for fun... hope you find a riding partner/group!

Looks like I miss read the OP's post too?   Solo is how I roll.  Good luck!



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