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Community Effort Helps Catch Motorcyclist Who Battered Cyclists 11-17-18


Article by Alisa Hauser / BCC 'The hardest-working beat reporter in Chicago! ' 

A motorcyclist who allegedly committed aggravated battery against two cyclists by groping a female cyclist, 33, and then punching her husband, 35, has been caught and charged.

Both victims were grateful and gave credit to the community for coming together in tracking down this offender.

"We're incredibly grateful that the community and neighborhood came together to identify him after the incident," said victim Madeleine Brown, 33. 

"It truly took a community to make this happen."  . . .

Thanks goes out to contributor RWT for the heads-up on this news release. 

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h/t to everyone involved, with the publicity this may actually serve as a deterrent.

So glad they caught him. Hope they throw the book at him.

Go team normal-people-working-together! This is good news.


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