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How's everyone surviving the cold snap with windchill below zero? Keeping warm? Toughing it out like a polar bear? Staying home? Going to work via CTA?

Share your pics! :-)

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I rode in to work this morning. Gawd, I have got to get a better pair of "winter" gloves. I was wearing enough layers, so my body was fine. 'Head, too. However, my fingers felt like they were going to fall off.

That's the worst! My hands are always the first to freeze. I double layer with Merino wool liners and mittens (others use lobster gloves).

Bar Mitts, Pogies -- whatever you want to call them -- are a lifesaver in the colder months. I can't imagine riding a winter without them anymore; they make the ride so much more comfortable.

+1 on Bar Mitts

Layered up and amazed at how quickly my face mask freezes over as I ride to work cozy from my hands to my feet.

LOL, great look!

It's fun to keep em in check yo.

I have not ridden since Saturday. I did get a pair of goggles and took the El looking like Juan yesterday. 

I've been out and about this week on the bike. But I'm always shocked at how much more effort it takes to bike when it's so cold!

i rode yesterday and was warm enough (these saved my fingers although aren't great for dexterity really other than braking: although it felt like i was asphyxiating on my own snot the entire time, took today off and plan to ride the rest of the week.

The bike lanes still aren't as clear as I'd like them and definitely had some slippery moments!

There are quite a few negative reviews on Amazon regarding the warmth and durability. On top of that, I don't care for gloved that have straps, as they're a pain to take off/on. Given that I've been averaging 2 pics of vehicles illegally parked in the bike lane each day, I have to be able to snap a quick photo when necessary.

I read the reviews before ordering and most of the bad reviews rate these poorly for their intended purpose which is 'working' outside. I figured since I won't be chopping wood most days that they'd be fine on the durability front. On the warmth scale, I can only speak for myself as everyone is different however my commute is 7ish miles so if they were warm the whole time that feels like a fairly decent test of quality to me?

But yes, the dexterity thing is a real issue so I think next year I'm going to just to bar mitts. 



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