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How's everyone surviving the cold snap with windchill below zero? Keeping warm? Toughing it out like a polar bear? Staying home? Going to work via CTA?

Share your pics! :-)

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I finally got pogies a couple of winters ago and they're maybe the greatest bike product I've ever had. I have viciously cold hands and every winter it was a question of when, not if, my hands would become painfully cold, no matter what I put on them. Sometimes even on my 20-minute commute to work. I moved in the spring and I have torn my hair out looking for the damn things - I have no idea where they disappeared to. I ordered another (fleece-lined!) pair after Christmas so I could keep riding, but they haven't arrived yet. I am sooo over painful hands and just won't ride in this cold until I get pogies again. Sad! :(

An avid urban cyclist, I’ve always cut off biking around the 30 degrees threshold because I am also a runner and running my in the cold is much easier than biking in the cold, in my opinion. This year I decided to go full bike winter and figure out what I need to do to ride in sub-freezing temperatures on my 20-year-old mountain bike. A good warm but thin jacket, ski goggles and bar mitts have largely bridged the warmth gaps for me, but I must admit that Tuesday morning’s minus-7 degrees was very challenging for my 6.5 mile commute. As long as the roads stay clear of snow and ice I see no issues with taking on whatever temperatures. (That said, I’ll probably take the bus the next time it’s minus-7!)

Brett - I wish you well on the year round cycling. The worst that I have faced is -12° with a 15 mph wind in my face on my six-mile commute. You will figure it out. If this old man can do it, you can, too. Good luck.

I found out the hard way that peel-and-stick tire patches don't work in this cold. In retrospect I guess I should have anticipated it. d-d-d-doh!  I have a new-found appreciation for McDonalds - a convenient warming hut with inexpensive coffee as hot as the surface of the sun.


Edit: I have a coworker to moved to Tampa a week before Xmas. I'm green with envy.

After biking in the six-below-zero weather on Tuesday, I wimped out the rest of the week.

Rode again in yesterdays "mild" temps and this morning's VERY mild temps. I did not have any problems with slickness this morning--did anyone else?

Ditto. Rode once last week, and couldn't feel my fingers with 2 pairs of gloves. I got back out this morning and it was almost pleasant. A bit slippery in spots, but I took it easy.

Didn't ride Christmas week due to illness. Week between was brutally cold and many businesses closed as well as people out of town. 

Did last week and was able to do 3-4 hours of being inside for a few minutes to warm then riding to my destination wasn't much wind and temps in the teens are doable.

The days get a little more Sun and by Feb even in cold like we had the days will be a little warmer.

Hit a patch of frozen rain last night on a side street to start 2018 with a pavement hug.


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