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I'm sure that quite a few Chainlinkers have apparel incorporating Columbia's Omni-Heat technology, which basically seems related to those shiny survival blankets.  I'm thinking about buying a few Omni-Heat items for myself.  Any opinions?  Is this a really effective technology or just a gimmick?  Are there competing products?  Thanks!  

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I have used a Columbia Omni-Heat jacket as my outer shell for years and have ridden it below zero. I do not know if the little shiny discs work or not, but I have stayed warm. The only problem I have is I wished I had bought one with a hoodie.

I have a jacket that I use for the absolute coldest days and find that even then it can be too warm, depending on how and what I am layering with. If the lining is just a marketing gimmick by Columbia then it's a pretty effective one!

I have a shirt that I wear in below freezing weather only. I wear a wicking layer an insulating layer then the reflective then 2 outer layers. It's great at keeping me warm but only if I'm moving generating heat.

The wind will blow through so it's only good with an outer shell also any extended time inside means taking it off or get entirely too warm.

Thanks for the replies.  It certainly sounds like it can't hurt.



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