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Randomness from yesterday/this morning. Watch with subtitles. Don't walk on the bike lane.  

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Interestingly, when a pedestrian jaywalks and gets hit, the police call it an accident. The driver, who was probably just driving and this person popped out of nowhere, gets no citation. 

This isn't legal advice but we might heed the following:  If we're aware through repeated experience of a clear and present danger (pedestrians in bike lanes in the loop on that street) and we don't mitigate that danger (slow down, seek an alternate route etc.) and then go on to document animus toward them, and subsequently injure one of them in a collision, well, that could be a little tough to defend if the pedestrian decides to recover damages.  Goes to state of mind, your honor.   Intent to commit grievous bodily harm?  Maybe not.  Wanton disregard?  Maybe.  Failure to mitigate?  Probably.  Thin ice?  Definitely.  

If you look at "Crashing without Style," this guy just blindly walks when I had the green. I crashed hard to avoid hitting him. 

Here's some more of the greatest hits from 2017.


I just saw Monday's date!  Somebody falls for something like this every year.  Well played Ernesto, very funny.  I'm fairly impressed with how concerned yet polite everyone else was in engaging the matter, especially given severity of both the physical and legal perils. 

And I get cyber-yelled out for my antics...

Yep, cyclists are no different than motorists and pedestrians act just like pedestrians, no matter what form of vehicle they are interacting with.

People are people, doesn't matter what form of transportation they use.

I think that pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers are about equally careless and self-absorbed when out and about.  Or polite and gracious, also.  The problem is that pedestrians can't really hurt anybody, cyclists don't often seriously hurt anybody, and cars and trucks kill people every single day.  Those operating the most deadly vehicles should be held to a higher degree of responsibility for safety, because the consequences of their bad acts or failures to act are so much more lethal.

In downtown bike lanes, I just ride slowly enough to make safe, quick, stops.  When a pedestrian steps in front of me without looking, I stop and stare at them.  I don't say anything.  When they've passed, I go on my way again.  I want them to feel guilty about being discourteous.  I don't want to fill them with righteous indignation by trying to teach them any lessons.  Usually, they don't notice me.  Sometimes they apologize.  In all cases we both remain unharmed.

I'm both a cyclist and pedestrian. I completely understand both sides of the medal. Pedestrian are like zombies, but cyclists often act recklessly. The key is to have eyes on the back of your head ;) :D. It's really dangerous what you've shown tho.

"ErnEsTo, yoU shoUlD SloW doWn!" 

But when I see this, smartphone zombies and people who don't have situational awareness, it gets annoying. 

There were about 4 others behind me, about the same speed. 

Well Hell, people are paying more attention to their smartphones while they're driving, how can you expect anything different while they're walking?

The islands that have been built along Dearborn encourage people and bikes to cross bike lanes to get ten feet farther across the street. Not the best idea.


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