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City promises to open part of long-awaited Navy Pier Flyover before Christmas

The city’s head of transportation on Tuesday promised that part of the long-awaited Navy Pier Flyover will be finished and open for bikes and pedestrians before Christmas.

Speaking at a City Club of Chicago luncheon, Transportation Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld referred to the flyover as “my favorite child” among city projects and said the job had taken “a lot of creative problem-solving” by members of her team. The city started building the pedestrian and bicycle bridge, which will stretch from the Ohio Street Beach to the south side of the Chicago River, in 2014 after more than a decade of planning.

(Will the "Stone Bridge" ever be built, linking the bike path on the east and west side of the North Shore Channel (between Lincoln and Devon) ever get built?)

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When the flyover is finished, will there be a way to exit it onto Grand, or do we just have to keep doing it the old way?


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