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Hello Fellow Cyclists 

My brother and I had a weekend to ride the city together, so we made a movie. We both ride fixed and most of this was shot by us riding to different locations and getting what we could (except for when I hung out the back of my car on North ave). 


any feedback / thoughts are appreciated 


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 I kinda like it! Well done!!!

Nice!  Send it to some film festivals; you'll win something!

That was the plan, but since we didn't write that Santana song (or any of the other ones), and it cost like a bajillion dollars to license, it now lives in the legal grey areas of the web instead. Thanks for the feedback!

Thunder Snow said:

Nice!  Send it to some film festivals; you'll win something!

Dig it...I was expecting the typical cliche fixie movie...good to see it was much more than that.

This is excellent! Thanks for sharing.

That was pretty neat.

Great stuff!!  Good story, nice riding, film work was great and non-intrusive.  Not too sure about the personification of the bike, but it's not a problem either.  Top notch overall. 

I thought this was an awesome movie.  Thanks for posting it!

embeds are cool....

The Adventures of Accordo from Jeff Nixon on Vimeo.

This is a great movie!

Fun movie. I used to live right next to that pothole that he bailed on (near le moyne & bosworth). I can see my jetta wagon parked in the background!
FYI- you can buy the rights to use some songs for cheap. Like a dollar. Prob not Santana though.



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