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Checking out for a while by bike: Where would you bike? What would you bring?

If you could go on the ultimate bike trip, where would you ride? What would you bring with you? For Jasmine, it is her violin and her dog.

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Just be sure you can load your bicycle there.  Or ride Amtrak from Chicago and ride back.  Cairo, Memphis, New Orleans, etc.

Been there, done that. I was a lot younger then.

Wow, great trip! 

What an adventure! Nice writeup - next time, take more pictures!

That was in 1993 - digital cameras hadn't arrived yet and all I had was 35mm film.

Loved your travel notes, Bob. That was one heckuva trip.

Biloxi, huh? That is my hometown. I had friends that would trek from NO to Biloxi on highway 90 through the rigolets. I used to run the levee (or ride it as far upriver until the spillway.)

Crazy small world.

It may have been your trip, but i'd strongly consider a trip like that. 

When my daughter was about four, I had some airline miles and so I got tickets for her and me to visit my brother in Seattle for a few days. As the week approached, she asked (because we bike pretty much everywhere), "Are we biking to Seattle?" and being the goof I am, I said, "Oh, sure!" I let her think that for a few hours and then came clean: "We're flying this time, but I promise you that we're going to bike there some day." 

That's my to-do, most likely in the next five years. 

Haven't planned my "ultimate" trip yet, but an planning a one-way -hopefully non-stop,from the Driftless area of Wisconsin, possibly from near Viroqua or Richland Center, to home in the NW 'burbs, sometime next summer. i'll be traveling fairly light, maybe a change of clothes or raingear, and some food.

That's beautiful country - some of the most scenic in the Midwest.


Really excellent post!

Many say that those with depression have it all in their heads and just get up, but many can not, as that great illness takes over and then you are condemned by those you love the most. That bicycling writer just a wonderful writer as he drew me into the story and did not Shakespeare once say? All the worlds a stage and I must say what a find of a tremendous story!

I have a tremendous illness called a well funded pension impending old age and what to do in between as what to do?

I ride or try to everyday as much as I can like today, rode over to the local bike trail which is gravel for a couple of hours and like that young woman said "I feel best while I am riding my bike" and just an opinion.

My family is crazy with dealing with aging parents and a child still in the nest of course I am youngest says this: First world problems dad....


Reading this thread...I am thinking a new forum with the heading of, "Trip Planning" is in order. I am thinking that if I have a week to burn, I'd like to sign onto a a long ride (like those guys on YouTube that rode from Pittsburgh area to somewhere near DC...all on Rails to Trails type pathways.)

I will put some ideas out there. I'd love to do an easy ride to/fr Milwaukee (2 day?), to/fr anywhere in central or western Wisconsin, up to the UP even, or a week-long trip starting from somewhere else. I'd even consider that PA trail I mentioned above.

Who else wants to do this?


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