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Hey! You're invited to join The Chainlink on Love to Ride. Check it out and join here:

Our club for 2019! Woot! Sign up now!

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Just signed up for the Chainlink team. I get to be in first place for at least 30 seconds. LOL

I'll take the next 30 sec. Haha

It was fun while it lasted. :-)

We've had 38 people sign up already. :-) If you haven't, you should!

Mark shared a pro tip - when you are on the site, go check out the prizes and choose your favorites (they allow you to choose in "this or that" format for the different prize phases). It doubles your chances. :-) 

The Chainlink has 52 riders. Woot! 

Here's a pic from my commute. I go over a little creek near NIH (National Institute of Health) on a bike path.

So far I've done 42 bike rides in a total of 17 days. It feels so good now that the weather is cooperating. I'm hoping to continue to ride through the weekend and finish off the month strong. How's everyone else doing?


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