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The team has been hinting we need to bring these back so I'm hoping you can make some recommendations on good locations for bar nights? New brew pubs? Tap rooms? Preferably places that serve food if possible. :-)

I'm thinking one Thursday a month like we used to... 

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That would be great ! Just like in the earlier years. 

Tuesday or Wednesday nights would be my choice. 

EZ Inn 921 n. Western / at Walton near Augusta would be a one time suggested location. 

Had a good time at the Rapha store. My friend even purchased a cycling cap that day.

Maplewood Brewery(Amazing food, nice bar)
Ludlow Liquor(Formerly Orbit room, plenty of open space)
Parsons Chicken & Fish(No need for description)
Moonlighter(Excellent Patio, great food)


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