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 My elderly neighbor wants me to take it to the shelter but I am afraid they will put it to sleep.

My nieghbor just had hip surgery( she's 70+) and the cat was dropped at her house by a relative...WTF.

I am allergic to cats and have two ,cat hating, Dogs, but I brought it to my apartment until I can figure something out.

It is in a pet carrier inside my inclosed porch and I could transport it with my bike trailer if someone has a home for it. She says it is fixed, but I don't know if it"s a boy or girl.

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Try posting on a Facebook group called Animal Shelter Volunteers. Some in there might be able to give some tips/foster the cat.  Most No-Kill shelters have a pretty long wait list because they can only take in so many animals at a time, especially during kitten season. Some good information:

-PAWS Chicago (here are some tips on rehoming - PLEASE check it out) how to partner with PAWS Chicago (surrender the cat to them)

Tree House Humane Society: Admissions process:

Harmony House: -Does not openly advertise admissions process - I believe they only take in strays/cats from CACC. Contact them for information:

Red Door: -Same as Harmony House. contact them directly or (773) 764-2242

Felines & Canines: (For some reason their website is currently down) but check out their Facebook: Email and explain your situation - she is an amazing person and will hopefully give you a response with some advice/information.

Chicago Cat Rescue: Same deal as Harmony House/Red Door. It is a system of foster homes with no physical shelter:

Friends of Animal Care and Control: also a network of foster homes.

Please don't take it to Animal Care and Control (on Western & 26th), dump it at a shelter (they WILL take it to Animal Care and Control) or Anti Cruelty Society (they transport all long-term animals who have not been adopted to Animal Care and Control to do their euthanizing for them).

Do your research and screen any interested parties very carefully. Ask for a small adoption fee to know the person is serious.

Good luck - thank you for giving him/her a temporary home. Poor thing :(

Thanks for all your help!

more info...This is a male cat that has been de-clawed. He is a sweet heart and is slooooowly coming around.

Oh poor baby :( My lease prevents me from taking him, but I wish you so much luck.  

Call the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago.




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