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I locked up outside of my house while I took a quick nap, usually I bring her inside. Tonight someone stole the front mistral wheel with campagnolo sheriff star hubs off my baby. I am livid if I ever found who did it I would invite everyone who owns a bicycle to take part in a royal beatdown. 

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Sorry for your loss.  Was the front wheel secured or not?

nope, I don't have another lock. guess I learned my lesson.


Maybe give pinhead skewer replacements a try. 

sorry.  I might be able to help you out on a rim, but I don't have one of those hubs.  Did the front match the rear?

yeah they matched. I was thinking about getting something more durable for winter anyway, still sucks that someone stole them. I have to go find somewhere to get an affordable front wheel/tire tomorrow because I have to work Monday. 

What size?

Sorry to hear this.  I carry 2 Kryptonite's and bought this recently for added security.  $6...might have saved your wheel.

Sweet deal!  I'm grabbing one while that deal is up.  Thanks, John.  

That sucks!!!

My friends always made fun of me for carrying 2 heavy ass nyc kryptonite locks. Yet to lose a wheel.

Now that is a creative bit of bike tetris.

that is awesome. a buddy of mine is lending me his wheel while I search out a replacement so for now I'm back on the road.



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