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I'm entering the world of a business casual dress code. I don't expect to have facilities to change after my commute. What are your favorite brands, styles, shoes, etc. for business casual commute?

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Good topic. Looking forward to seeing what people post. Sorry I have no good advice! My main worry would be getting oil on my pant leg. I guess you have to roll it up or tie it with one of those tie things.

Chain guard! (says the guy who has been meaning to install one for 5+ years.)

Swrve slacks and Ibex merino base-layer shirts for me! Put a dress shirt on when you get to the office. For shoes, use BMX platform pedals and wear whatever shoes you like, or else SPDs and change when you arrive. I leave boat shoes at my office.

I always roll up the pant leg. As for shoes, I leave a pair of shoes at the office. I normally ride with clipless shoes/pedals.

Heat of summer? I shower before I leave (only three mile commute from South Loop to Water Tower area), and wear different clothes. I change at work and give myself a pat down with Clorox wipes - after work, if I am going to ride 20 miles, I put on real biking clothes. If I am going straight home, I just change shoes, put helmet on, and roll up the pants. Then when I get home, I take the shoes off so I can moonwalk all over the condo. 

My commute is  between 13 and  15 miles  depending on the  route.   I shower  before I leave and  have some clothing - suits,  shoes belt, ties- at the  office.  I bring "software"- underclothing and  a shirt in my pannier.   I  ride  easy on the way in and  clean up  before suiting up.   This works on most  days. I  generally wear  bike clothing for the  ride and then  changed but on some days have  worn a shirt such as a  Club Ride  jersey that  will  pass for office casual. 

I'm similar to David. When I didn't have an office to store clothing and change, I'd bring khakis and a polo shirt, and change in a bathroom stall.  It takes 10 seconds, and you can clean up a bit while you're in there.

Same here. I can always put clothes in a backpack and change in a bathroom.

If you need to ride in your work clothes, I really like these pants from Eddie Bauer; very comfortable, breathable, and they dry fast:

Look for shirts with the same kind of fabrics (nylon, polyester, spandex) on their site. Search for the Travex series:

Always keep a spare change of clothes at your desk. It sucks to spend the day in wet jeans or soaked socks. If you need rain gear, ShowersPass is top-notch, and they've got a sale going on until the end of the day. 20% off using the code READY4FALL

No hot shower after a long, cold, maybe wet, bike ride in to work?   No place to hang wet, stinkin' clothes? Not necessarily true!

There are lots of 'represented' union jobs down in the Loop...and most require locker rooms, showers and civilized amenities.  Board room execs aren't the only ones with a private shower!  Make friends with your building engineer and maintenance staff.  If they don't have a locker room and shower they could show you, chances are they'll know of one nearby. 

I used to roll out of bed and be on my way to work on my bike five minutes later.  Try riding an hour early; avoid traffic, allow time to enjoy your ablutions, and get to your desk before your boss.  You'll make points for that, and smell good for the office staff all day!

And usually a nicer group of guys you'll never meet upstairs...and very appreciative if you show up after work once or twice a month and buy rounds!

Im going to have to look into this.



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