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Hello Everyone!

 I'll be attending a concert at Ravinia later this year and was wondering if anyone has ever attempted to bring in a Brompton? I have looked through their website and found the following information.

Please Do Not Bring

  • Bicycles, scooters, or inline skates (bike racks are located outside of the box office)

For those that own Bromptons, have you ever attempted to bring one into Ravinia? If not, have you ever locked up at Ravinia? I suppose overall Bicycle/Ravinia experiences would be helpful.


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I've never actually done it so take the suggestion with less than a grain of salt, but based on my observations I imagine that locking a bike outside Ravinia would be fairly safe.

I have ridden to Ravinia in the past and had no problems. Note: if you're going for an evening concert, make sure that you have good lights for your ride home, especially if you're taking the Green Bay Trail. Parts of the trail are very dark at night.

Jaik is asking about bringing his Brompton in. Anne, do you have one? 

I have a Dahon, not a Brompton. I was responding to Alex's comment above. Sorry for any confusion.

The plan is to ride there during the day, then take the Metra back from Ravinia to the Clybourn stop. I've ridden this trail/path many times to Zion for camping. Lights are definitly a good idea. Those will be packed. 

It seems weird that Ravinia will allow coolers, chairs and other large items...I'll bring locks to lock up, but not until after I try to smuggle them in. I suppose that the worst thing that can happen is they ask me to lock them up.

I have biked to Ravina and locked up there with no problems. There are racks to lock at it.  I believe your bike would be very, very safe there.

Usually there is just one train back after Ravinia concerns and often it is packed. I am not sure that the conductors will let you take a bike on it because it takes up a few of those fold down seats. You may want to check with Metra on the policy on this.

As others have written, make sure you have good lights if you are biking back on Sheridan or Green Bay as the cars are flying.  

Following. Have you asked in the Brompton group?

I haven't asked the Brompton group...that's a good idea. I figured I'd start with everyone and cross my fingers that someone would see it. 

I suggest trying to get a live body on the phone and seeing what they say but being willing to simply lock up. I have ridden to Ravinia and locked up many times with no problems.  I love the ride  home but it's not for everybody as (as mentioned by Anne) the paths get quite dark and lights are not  optional but required. There are plenty of ways to ride with minimal use of paths and a touch more light but the north shore is dark as the sidewalks get rolled up as soon as the sun goes down. I ride the same roads when  it is light so I am pretty familiar with them.  The train home is a cattle car that will be full so the Brompton is just one more thing to lug. Since you rode there you can minimize the ballast you have if you have pavillion  seats or you can rent a chair to sit in on the lawn or simply lie on a blanket, staring at the stars listening to the tunes. Enjoy.

I haven't tried it, but you might consider the airport tactic: fold it and put it in a bag when entering Ravinia.  When asked what's in the bag, the response is "mobility device"

Excellent. I'll be bringing the dimpa bags then.

I have locked up outside the gate many times.  On my last visit to Ravinia for a very popular concert there was no place to put down a blanket or a chair in the grass.  The only way I could see the stage was to hand my phone to a tall person to take a photo for me.  

The bike rack was pretty crowded too, but we managed to find just enough space.


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