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Hi C-linkers,


The Racketeers are in need of 2-3 broken floor bike pumps. Any one have a busted one they'd be willing to donate?


Much karma will be sent your way!

Katie (aka Bruiser)

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I've got one for you, Katie.

Have 3, Sent a PM.

I still have a fork for you. Whom can I pass it to?

Rock on you two!

Ash - I live in Uptown and work downtown. I'll message to see when/where would be a good place.

I live 4 blocks from Monica and I just need to stop being lazy and ride over there.

katie, there are a couple broken ones at The Hub I can drop them off at your practice space tomorrow...

Hi Katie, if you can use one more please give me a time and place to drop it off.  Thanks.



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