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I heard a rumor that Bowery Lane Bicycles was going to open up a shop in Chicago and has started fabricating frames in Chicago.


This rumor was started by me :)

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So when does it open? And where?
Inquiring minds want to know.

From Bowery Lanes fb page:

The lease has been signed! Coming Fall of 2011 in Lakeview, Chicago. Bowery Lane Bicycles General Store. Think Local. Live Local. Ride Local

Steven Vance said:

So when does it open? And where?

Waiting to submit the permits to the city to start build out and we will go from there. 


Location: Lincoln and Wellington


Good News- We have already completed our frist run of our new bike from our Chicago fabrication. It looks great. We are taking them to get painted next week.


Note- The shop and the line of bikes from Chicago will be called "Heritage Bicycles"



That seems like a good location. Lots of bicycle traffic on both Lincoln and Southport, and it's an affluent neighborhood.


I'll have to check it out once you're open.

Chicago is going Dutch!
Haha! Not Dutch...American/Local.
Very cool!

Look what appeared in a window on Lincoln South of Southport:



AWESOME! The windows look even better now! We put the first bike off the Heritage line in the other window and some Stumptown coffee as well.


If you guys are on Facebook you can keep up to date with posts on our Fan Page. Please spread the word.


We will also be projecting movies in the next few weeks from the parking lot onto the side of the building...all bike related. 



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