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Does anyone know of a good insulated bottle for carrrying coffee that will fit snugly in a cage? Thanks.

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I've done away with all the cages on my bikes. I prefer to keep a bottle in a front basket or a pouch, just my two cents. I was keeping a 20 oz kleen Kanteen in a metal bottle cage and it eventually broke it (the cage). Pouches and baskets let me use whatever size drink I want, and still are accessible without stopping.

I know what you mean... still on a quest for that perfect bottle...

I got a generic plastic thing with REI branding once upon a time. It's not the best insulation in the world but fits a bottle cage perfectly. If you'll start drinking the contents as soon as you're out the door, or if you don't mind heating them up when you get to your destination, this will work.

Not finding it on, but I think this is it:

Thanks, Jennifer. Much appreciated!

I use a Hydro Flask and it fits well and keeps coffee hot for a long time. The downside is the price so if you belong to REI you can find them on sale every now and then or use the occasional 20% coupons they send out.

This is it - exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks, Geoffrey! 

Selection is constantly changing.  Not updated since 2013, so most may not be available. 

Interesting site - thanks!

I've bike thousands of miles with a classic Contigo 16 oz insulated travel mug in my water cage. Never leaked, even after dropping it multiple times and running it over a few times. Just be sure to get the unpainted ones - they'll still scratch a bit from the cage, but it's not terrible.



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