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Bobby Cann killed on Clybourn last night. Critical Mass Tribute?

Hi everyone,

My dear, close friend was killed on his way home from work last night. His name is Bobby Cann. Friends and I gathered at his house after to mourn. He was my best friend. He was such an advocate for cycling and safety. I met him years ago while working at REI. I want to have tomorrow's Mass in his honor. Any ideas/help?

Thank you all,


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One of my best friends, not a cyclist, knew Bobby, Alex Schnulle, works at Interworkings in the same building as Groupon. She requested to that building that they dedicate a bike rack to him.

She met with Ggroupon's culture committee and the building and offered to source a plaque for the buildings main bike rack.

She is not 100% it is happening but we thought people would appreciate hearing that someone is trying.

If you think you can help her out, get in touch with me & I will get you in touch.

Very sorry, Phil.  I think we all share your loss. 



 Here,is a short video I took at last months Ride of Silence. You might see Bobby in it. I took a lot photos from the ride. If you or his Family would like to look thru them, let me know.

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Active Transportation Alliance said:

Posting here too:

Hello all, Jason Jenkins, Crash Support Programs Manager here at Active Trans

Once again, we're all so sorry to hear about Bobby. I just wanted Philip and anyone else who may be friends or family of Bobby's to know that our Crash Support Hotline can also connect friends and family members with qualified grief counselors.

I'd also say that we always encourage victims of crashes, witnesses, friends and or family to be very careful about discussing or speculating about the details of a crash with the press or in online forums, Facebook etc., without speaking to an attorney first. Talking about the person, who they were, what they meant, how much they’ll be missed, how much they loved cycling etc. is all pretty safe territory. But just be wary of details and speculation about the actual events of the crash. Unfortunately it's all too easy for words to get twisted around and have an unintended outcome.

Feel free to let me know if you have any specific questions.

Jason Jenkins

Crash Support Programs Manager
Active Trans

Heard through other channels that Bobby could put away a lot of Chicken Wings, but was thinking more along the lines of cookies/snacks.

h' 1.0 said:

Philip/anyone-- do you know what Bobby's favorite snack/pastry may have been? I may have time to stop off and get something to hand out at mass.

Video from last nights Critical mass bike ride tribute to Robert "Bobby" Cann

Saturday's update about this case.  Unbelievably the guy who was driving the Mercedes that hit and killed Bobby Cann was both drunk and speeding on Clybourne, and

...According to his LinkedIn a partner in a business called,

Nice work.

Ace Mann said:

Video from last nights Critical mass bike ride tribute to Robert "Bobby" Cann

Sad news, for all of us, especially Bobby's family and friends.   I have many friends that have stopped riding on the road for this very reason.  We are all so vulnerable, with no protection whatsoever.  Our only safety is in educating the non-bicycling public and ourselves on how to safely coexist on the same roads.

Thank you to the Ride of Silence for giving a voice to those who can no longer speak for themselves and for supporting our right to ride.

This is terribly sad. I didn't know him at all, and I missed last night's Mass, but I will leave flowers and pay my respects to him tomorrow evening. My thoughts are with you.

It's a shame that only drunk drivers get caught and sober drivers still get away with killing.

The drunk and deadly drivers are there for the rest of the reckless, distracted, entitled, aggressive deadly driving population to point to when they want to feel good about their own destructive habit.

Adam Herstein (5.5 mi) said:

It's a shame that only drunk drivers get caught and sober drivers still get away with killing.



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