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Bobby Cann Updates: Ryne San Hamel Pleads Guilty, Receives 10 Days in Jail

Jason Jenkins at ActiveTrans is helping to coordinate community response.  If there is any chance you can attend proceedings, please reach out to him:


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I didn't mean to come off dismissive but I'm honestly questioning the point of having the spinoff advocacy organization and not having it play more of a visible role here. I do appreciate ATA's work, but I have heard it raised in the past that their consulting work for the city can present a conflict of interest at times when it comes to fighting the status quo.


I got an email today about this case from ATA (one of those mass emails).

I didn't get the email.  Jason Jenkins (who's no longer with the ATA) took me off the mailing list because I was a proponent of discussion and sharing of information about the courtroom activity.

I'm still a member and I still pay dues and support the organization in most, but not all, of the issues they support.

Bob, this wasn't one of the emails specific to the case. This was an email generally sent to their larger mailing list. 

Thanks.  I must be excluded from that list also.

You should see about getting yourself added back. I'm sure it's just an oversight.

Here's the email:

"Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx is scheduled to give a lunchtime talk (3/15) to the City Club of Chicago."


If anyone is going to this City Club luncheon maybe they could ask States Attorney Kim Foxx why she was so willing to accept the 10-day plea bargain agreement. 

It's been FOUR YEARS now since Bobby Cann was killed by a speeding drunk driver.  We shouldn't forget this terrible incident and some of the names associated with the lack of punishment to the driver of the car.

Judge William Hooks

States Attorney Kim Foxx

...and the errant driver of the vehicle, Ryne San Hamel


Sentencing for the DUI case in Boulder. I found her father's comments hard to stomach. 

Davis was referring to 25-year-old Callie Kuhasz, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for striking Bill Davis, 35, as he rode his bike with a friend on Jay Road north of Boulder on June 25.

Bill Davis died at the scene of the crash, and Kuhasz was captured in Boulder a short time later. Police said she swerved into the bike lane, struck Davis and then fled the scene. She pleaded guilty in March to one count of vehicular homicide and faced between four and 12 years in prison.

Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett said that he was pleased with the sentence but added that the loss suffered by Davis's family was incalculable and the sentence was likely "as close to justice as the human justice system can get.

Full story: 

Today's (1/26/18) Critical Mass ride also marks one-year since the end of the trial/hearings in the case of the killing of Bobby Cann.

On May 29th 2013 Ryne SanHamel was driving over 60 MPH does Clybourn Avenue, with a blood count almost doubt the .08 limit. He killed Bobby Cann. The States Attorney, Kim Foxx, accepted a plea deal that left him off the hook with only 10 days in jail, after he killed someone. Kim Foxx is able to claim this as a case successfully prosecuted since it resulted in a "conviction."

The judge was William Hooks, The defendant got a good lawyer and was given only 10 days in jail.

Ryne SanHamel ran a website called "" which encouraged drinking. Stories about this can be read at:

Read the transcript from the final hearing on this case:

On the way to the Critical Mass Polka Ride Party we should ride up Clyborn and pause at the Ghost Bike for Bobby Cann.



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