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The League of Illinois Bicyclists officially launched last week More than 700 people have already taken the quiz, a resource for bicyclists and motorists on how to properly share the road with each other.

The tool is meant to help close an education gap – and reduce resentment – for both road user types. The free, first-of-its-kind website teaches users key safety techniques and relevant Illinois state laws in an interactive quiz-based format for various audiences: “Adult Bicyclists,” “Motorists” and “Child Bicyclists.” In each, the user progresses through a total of 25-33 multiple-choice questions, divided into bronze, silver and gold levels. The learning comes from explanations in the question response feedback, with users getting up to three chances to answer each question correctly.

The quiz is geared for people throughout the state -- urban, suburban and rural areas. Check out the quiz and please email me at with any feedback. Please also recommend the quiz to those that you feel could learn a little bit more about bicycle education or sharing the road. We will have some raffles for those that complete the quiz.

This project would not have been possible without LIB member and bicycle club contributions, an in-kind donation from Promet Solutions and a Get in the Action Mini Mobilization Grant, funded by Cadence Health and Edward Hospital and Health Services and in partnership with Action for Healthy Kids and the DuPage County Health Department.


Gina Kenny 
LCI# 2446 
Outreach Director 
League of Illinois Bicyclists 
(708) 334-2244 
The League of Illinois Bicyclists is the statewide not-for-profit advocacy organization dedicated making Illinois a land of safe and enjoyable bicycling for all; promoting bicycle access, education and safety.

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You don't mean THIS League of Illinois Bicyclists Safety Quiz, do you?

Yes, we had the official launch Thursday with several speakers including Ald. Brendan Reilly. I had actually meant to put the link to our website,, with the photos from the event and video. Thanks for your reply! The direct link for the photos, taken by National Park Service's Diane Banta, is The direct link to the video is



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