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So now I see that they're breaking into shops and taking the cream of the crop.  This must really be catastrophic for the owners, who deserve a lot better and give a lot to the community.

Another reason why I tend to like cats more than people, present company excepted.

Block Club story

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I'm surprised that there hasn't been more chatter about this on Chainlink.

At least 6 different local shops, several of them hit multiple times. In each case, the thieves went straight for high end road bikes. 

Someone should try to compile a list of the stolen bikes w/ specs and serial numbers, and blast it out on social media. These are fairly unique bikes that should raise a few eyebrows if they show up on craigslist, or are spotted in strange circumstances. The 2019 Cannondale System Six has only been available for a few months, and the black market for bikes like this seems like it would be extremely small. 

These bikes often end up back at shops, after they're re-sold. The thieves sometimes bring them into shops to get help shipping them to buyers, or buyers need assistance getting them set up and adjusted, etc. I'm sure all local bike shops are already on alert. 


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