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I'm looking forward to BTD but can't get over the following line in the registration form:


Please do not share my postal addresses with other like-minded organizations. 

The statement is followed by a tick box that just says yes.


What does this make you think? 
Do you check the box or not check the box?

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I can give a little background I think.

One example is a mailing done by League of Illinois Bicyclists.

It used to be that clubs had to mail out their own ride brochures individually.

Someone got the idea maybe 10 years ago to compile all of the various ride brochures in one envelope to save money. Resultantly, the participating orgs save money on mailing but also reach a wider audience, which comes from the pooling of mailing lists. 

There's probably a similar arrangement with other advocacy orgs such as League of American Bicyclists.

Based on the wording I doubt that there's any sharing with commercial entities such as Bicycling Magazine or Campmore and the like, but I'm sure someone from Active Trans will pop in and speak to that.

So basically if you want to find out about other rides in this way, don't check "yes."

Why is that confusing?  If you leave it blank they share your address with other organizations they 'consider like minded.'


So if you want mail about bike crap leave it open, if you hate junk mail even when it is targeted towards you check it.

Howard and notoriousDUG are both correct. We do list exchanges with like-minded organizations (League of Illinois Bicyclists, Rails to Trails, etc.) which helps us because we try to increase our membership and event participants with new lists and they get the opportunity to market their stuff to our members and event participants.


It's a common way for nonprofits to increase marketing opportunities. Generally nonprofs (us included) can't afford to buy targeted direct mail lists.


I can tell you we only exchange our list with a couple of orgs each year and that they are like-minded (biking, walking, transit, environment).


Hope this helps,

Ethan Spotts, Marketing & Communication Director, Active Trans


PS: thanks for signing up for our big fundraiser!


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