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Plans have changed last-minute, and I'm taking the Metra to be with my boyfriend's family for the holidays. Due to timing, I'm heading straight from work to Ogilvie Station, and I'm worried about leaving my bike there overnight. The boyfriend does this regularly, apparently, and sees no problem with it, but I'm definitely more attached to my bike than he is. I've found next to nothing online, but you guys can probably help out - where are the bike racks located at this station? Are they reliable? Does anyone have experience or advice to offer? I can't wait until the city of Chicago tries out those wicked long-term bike cages offered in the Bay Area. Peace of mind and a(n intact) bike to return to are some darn good things.  

Thanks so much, and happy holidays!

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There are racks on the north side of the building, along Washington. I can't vouch for their security though as I don't use them.

I think your apprehension is warranted. Metra stations are popular spots for bike thieves, with the most popular location being the Clybourn stop at 2001 N. Ashland (based on reports to the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry, 8 reports for Ogilvie; 20 for Clybourn). I suspect this is because they can assume that once a bike is parked there, it is likely to be there for at least 8 hours. Bikes parked there at night are likely to be there over night. Additionally, I believe the bike parking has somewhat limited sight lines from passersby.

If you are going to lock up at Ogilvie, you should absolutely use two high-quality u-locks, or a high-quality u-lock together with a heavy duty security chain. I would also look into taking your bike on the train. I hear it's somewhat difficult to stay current with the shifting bikes on trains Metra policies, but they are allowed in some number, at some times.

Good Luck and happy holidays to you as well.

Yeah, might take a cab, which is exciting for someone who doesn't ride in cars very often. Whee! 

Thanks for the advice! 



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