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Bike Parking and Bike Lock Fails. Spot It. Snap It. Share It.

Do you see some poor soul out there with a wheel locked to the rack but nothing else? Take a pic and post it to this thread.

Also, if you see someone managing to take up most of the bike rack with their bike so that pretty much no one else can lock their bike there? Take a pick and post it to this thread. 

I saw one bike lock fail that turned out to be a bike lock psych out - a guy made it look like his bike was locked but too lazy to actually lock it when he did his grocery shopping at TJ's (I ran in to him when I was leaving and he confirmed he was being lazy).

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Well that happened to me once but it wasn't exactly laziness, unless you consider not wanting to ride 2 miles back to the office to get my key, then two miles back to the store, an example of laziness.  I left my key in my shorts pocket at work, and rode to the store wearing my regular pants. Lock in the backpack but no key! DOH!  So, I wrapped the cable around and velcroed it to itself.  Fortunately the location of the bike racks was such that I wasn't really too worried.

Glad to hear it had a happy ending!

Been there, done that.

I don't think you're referring to this, but, I'll throw it up for discussion. The main rack at the Kimball/Lawrence Brown Line terminal is oriented for the illustrated locking method. My steed sits there for a minimum of 10 hrs daily, so this is the way I lock it, and so do others at that site. I know some C-Linkers do also. 

Similar shot from today with my daily rider in the background. Note use of chains instead of u-locks.

I've used the same station often, and lock my bike with a single cable thru the frame.  Never had a problem.

It's usually crowded, I wonder why they don't have racks inside the station, after the fare stations.  Other CTA stations do have this.

The Kimball terminal used to have 'indoor parking'. It was removed when the platforms were extended for 8 car trains several years ago.

I asked a station attendant at the time why, and the response was 'no room '.

Huh ???

Is this ok? 

If you're fine with it, I am. You could probably secure it further by moving the U-lock from the seat-stays to the chain-stays. then you may be able to secure your chain lock to the rack also. Take care !

That's not a bad idea. I'll try that. Thank you!

You actually should have your bike parallel to the rack.


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