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It was fun, not really, to discover this morning that my bike lock was removed from the bike rack in front of the building where I work (Clark & Jackson).

I have been storing my lock on the rack for the past three years without a problem.   There have been other locks stored on the rack.   All of the locks were removed when I went to lock my bike today.

I asked someone in the building and they said that the city would have removed the locks.  Is this a practice by the city?   Is their a rule against keeping locks on the bike racks?

This is the firts that I cave come across this.



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You're the first to attack another member
299 S Clark St
You can see a few laying around in the street view.

It may have been possibly removed by the city, but i'll bet it was eliminated by those 'cranky' building management types. They do become annoyed at 'minor' appearance type things in their vicinity and tend to 'clean' up things in the off hours.
The building at 624 s Michigan where I teach has had a BIKE locked on the rack for the last couple years. It's a crappy cruiser secured with a heavy chain and besides the missing saddle it's being allowed to quietly rust in piece... I always figured the college didn't want to spend the money on the disc it would take to grind through the chain, but maybe instead they're scared of what would happen if they messed with The Dibs?

If it's been there THAT long, why not report it as an abandoned bike?

Because just like the college, I'm terrified of crossing The Dibs...

Where does Abandoned Bike exist in the See Click Fix menu of service requests? I don't think that "Abandoned Vehicle" will get your request to the correct place in any hurry.

Ya mean this bike? (street view from August 2015):

Awww... back when it was still shiny!

Green cruiser on the left of the planter?  Not present September 2014.  Unmoved since Aug 2015.

Hey everybody,

         Thanks for the feedback.

         There is no intention of claiming dibs on a bike rack space.  Not sure that locking a bike lock to a rack would actually do that.   My main reason for leaving the lock on the rack is to save weight on my commute (approx 15 miles) and to leave the lock where I use it.

          I was mainly curious if anyone knew of a formal process of removing locks from racks.  I can understand periodic cleanup of abandoned locks.   However, I also am curious if the removal of locks is triggered by a request from a building or tenant on the block where the rack is located.  And, if there is a specific statute related to locks or by what authority anyone might remove a lock from a bike rack.



Usually The City doesn't care, viz.: abandoned bikes and their remains scattered here and there.

It's usually the work of building management who send out some poor overworked custodian to hack away when the tennants get tired of looking at stray locks festooning the racks in front of their buildings- usually during foul weather (experience talking here...)

i was a bit harsh and hasty earlier (i'm an opinionated old SOB,) but i got a good laugh at myself out of it (if you can't laugh at yourself someone will surely do it for you!) But really, to repeat: leaving a lock dangling in a public space and expecting it to remain there indefinitely is magical thinking. Count yourself fortunate that your lock was there as long as it was. i hope you weren't stranded by its disappearance.


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