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It was fun, not really, to discover this morning that my bike lock was removed from the bike rack in front of the building where I work (Clark & Jackson).

I have been storing my lock on the rack for the past three years without a problem.   There have been other locks stored on the rack.   All of the locks were removed when I went to lock my bike today.

I asked someone in the building and they said that the city would have removed the locks.  Is this a practice by the city?   Is their a rule against keeping locks on the bike racks?

This is the firts that I cave come across this.



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Keeping a lock on a public bike rack is just like leaving a kitchen chair in a street parking place. "Dibs" is just another name for selfishness.

^I think this reply is a little harsh, and the analogy doesn't really hold up.

I do think it's probably not a best practice to leave your lock on a public bike rack. But given that you (and apparently others) had done so for three years without incident, this is a bummer.

If nothing else, it would've been nice if the city had taped a notice to the bike racks saying that the locks were going to be removed.

Leaving anything in a public space over an extended period of time and expecting it to always be there whenever you may need it is magical thinking.

Taking "dibs" in a bike rack- no matter how little used it may appear- is denying that space to someone who may need it sometime. It's just bad manners.

i will agree however, that it might have been nice to have had a prior notice of removal, but then after all The City doesn't really do "nice."

Leaving a lock on a rack is not claiming dibs. If it doesn't prevent someone from locking to the rack then I don't see how it's an issue. 


Well then let's take IF out of it. Show me a picture of a rack that right now is so cluttered with locks that you can't lock up to it because of them. And I don't mean go google it. I see locks left on racks all the time but have yet to encounter one that prevents someone from using the rack. 

I plan to take a walk during lunch. I'll post pics of any racks I find that are so cluttered with locks that a bike couldn't lock to it. 

Have a nice walk.

Yes, Rich, I agree. I see no "dibs" issue here at all.

It's never even occurred to me that a lock on a bike rack meant that someone had "dibs" on that rack.

dude, you gotta respect the dibs.   if you dont whoever called it will pour hot water on your bike and it will be coated in ice when you return.  or worse.

walk to the future

Hardly a comparison. Leaving a bike lock on a rack is not dibs. Simply being lazy to carry your lock. I do it all the time and people lock up to the rack all the time. And when I get to work and see the rack being used, I simply take my lock out and use it on a different rack. No biggie.

I am also prepared to lose that lock. I mean really! We live in Chicago. You leave anything out over night, hey, it's your lost! Whether or not the city is doing clean-up or someone just gets pissed off about you leaving your lock. Doesn't matter. The point is, you left it out. Deal with it!




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