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Bike Lane Uprising

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I regularly bike through Harrison along UIC/Greyhound Station/Post Office and it floors me I can never ride that stretch without -- at least -- 6 cars in the bike lane. Typically over 10. The post office even has free parking available.

The city plans to separate the bike lane in front of the post office (with a concrete curb). Unfortunately, the work won't be done until later this year, or possibly next, as there is currently construction on Harrison.

Yeah...segregate us cyclists with concrete walls; that'll work...not!    Sorry.   Bike lanes for most drivers are mere SUGGESTIONS where bikes should be. When drivers need to stop on a Chicago street, where do you want them to stop?  Left of the Bike Lane, and blocking all traffic?   When I'm driving, I occasionally park for a couple minutes in the bike lane too!  Don't you?

As a disciple of John Forester, and Effective Cycling, bikes and cars are VEHICLES and should MIX on the roadway.  Bike paths and lanes are devices of the car get us out of their way!   Share the Road!  Learn to 'Take the vehicle lane' when necessary.  Otherwise stay as far right as possible, but out of the 'Door Zone.'  Drivers will no more hit you than they'd hit any other vehicle that gets in their way.  It is just 'city driving'...stop and go.  Everyone expects it.

It saddens me to see ATA and so many intelligent cyclists fall into line, and scream for private biking space on public roads.  As a driver, and a cyclist, it just doesn't make sense to wall-off a busy roadway so that one or two bikes per hour can ride.  Sorry.

i agree with you on everything except about pulling into the bike lane to park/stand. "Protected" bike lanes only help reinforce drivers' notions that bikes don't belong on the street.

Well let's face it mike w....double-parking is illegal, whether or not there is a designated bike lane.   But everyone does it; not only in Chicago, but every other city I've seen.

So as a cyclist (or a driver), I have to swing out to the left, sometimes into the oncoming lane, and go around when it is safe.  No big deal...just part of getting around in the city.

And the few times a year that I drive, I figure that I can double-park too, especially in front of my apartment building, in exchange for all the times I've accommodated other double-parkers.  We all get along by going along.  And 'Bike Lane Uprising' and the 2300 posts on Yasmeen's thread 'What's this doing in the bike lane' are just a waste of bandwidth.

"We all get along by going along. And 'Bike Lane Uprising' and the 2300 posts on Yasmeen's thread 'What's this doing in the bike lane' are just a waste of bandwidth."

Not to throw shade on Yasmeen, but i do agree that those threads are a waste of bandwidth. It's a whine-fest and will change nothing. Vehicles will continue to occupy bike lanes, no matter how many citations the city deigns to bestow.

clp and mike w. :

The problem here is that no one is acknowledging that double-parking, (standing-stopping) anywhere at anytime is ILLEGAL, (period, no-exceptions) and any and all users of the road that are affected are the victims of this illegal vehicle driver activity.  I absolutely do not EVER, double-park except in extreme emergency situations like dropping a sick family member off at a doctor's office front-door, and that is only for less than 15 seconds. Unlike the 'IDIOT' family that lives across the street from us that double-parks their huge SUV for long periods of time (sometimes one hour +) on the narrow street and as a result careless passing drivers have scraped our car.

Double parking IS illegal ! For delivery trucks, uber-lyft-taxis, and everything.  DON'T DO IT EVER ! NO EXCEPTIONS ! Find a LEGAL parking spot !

Don't you get it?

That's what all of these threads are about !

Tom A.K. I certainly DID acknowledge that double-parking is illegal in my second post above.  

I appreciate your active and enthusiastic participation on the ChainLink.    But no, I WILL double-park in front of my apartment, while I carry in groceries, large purchases, and my wife's voluminous clothing inventory. 

What?  You want me to park elsewhere, and schlep all that stuff a couple of blocks back to my apartment?   With wilted lettuce, thawed frozen peas, and melted ice cream? 

Sorry.   I bike around others who double-park.  And now, I WILL ask for the same courtesy from you and other cyclists.  Bike lane or not be damned!

And P.S.  Sorry about your 'IDIOT' neighbors across the street; bad neighbors are a curse of city living that just won't go away.

i understand that double parking is illegal and occasionally dangerous and yes, it ought to be cited by the local constabulary. i would expect nothing less.

However naming and shaming the vehicles and drivers on this website really accomplishes nothing- the city cares sod-all about its pedestrians, or us on our bicycles. Putting up photos here is preaching to a very small choir, and i'm willing to wager that not one driver has ever seen his vehicle pictured here, and if they did, no sh!ts were given.

Now, if the other Bike Lane Rising site draws some attention, then bravo! But i'm not putting any money on betting the city does anything about it.

So, how about freeing up some bandwidth here on Chainlink and take all those photos & complaints to the site that is dedicated to the cause of liberating the bike lanes from motor vehicles?

Before Bike Lane Uprising, I did post to Twitter and copy companies for Chainlink posts but yes, it is an uphill battle. I am so happy to see her gaining the attention and visibility and taking it to the national level. She's had meetings with the city's finance department - this is huge in my opinion because enforcement is a lot of the problem. 

I've been vocal as well and interviewed a number of times on this issue and the thing that always surprises me is how the city doesn't enforce bike lanes and ticket when people park in them - this is a HUGE untapped revenue source. Because of this lack of enforcement, it is more likely someone will be ticketed for an expired meter so what happens? Motorists are being encouraged to park where they have a better chance of NOT getting ticketed. Frustrating but true. 

I fall on the side of protected bike lanes - data backs it up, people generally feel more comfortable using them. 


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